How do I choose my pointe shoes?

Pointe shoes need to be chosen very carefully. The wrong choice can make a big difference to your pointe experience, and indeed can cause permanent damage, particularly to young feet. Traditionally, it has been thought that no young girl should be introduced to pointe under the age of 9, because her bones are still in formation.

We stock Sansha pointe shoes, which feature fourteen models in up to five widths, plus two shankless soft-toe models designed for pre-pointe training. Some models have four possible shank strengths, while others have three, The shank is usually made of fibreboard, and the sole can be leather or cellulose.  Some models are available in canvas, and all models are available in satin.  There is one delightful lace-up model, and another which brings the bling back to ballet!   Some models have replaceable shanks (for temporary emergency use only).

All models have the Sansha signature “whisper toe” box padding.

We can also source other brands of pointe shoe on request.