How do I establish my size? Do you have size charts?


Each manufacturer has their own sizing charts, and depending where you are in the world, you may have to check out your appropriate sizing.

Sansha and Roch Valley have their own size charts with an approximate conversion (follow the links). If you have specific queries, you can contact us.

It is important that your dancewear and footwear fit properly. For ballet classes, for example, clothing which is too loose might prevent your teacher from correctly assessing your posture; on the other hand, clothing which is too tight can make you uncomfortable and you would not perform at your best.

With footwear, this is even more important. Ill fitting shoes can be harmful to your feet – and that damage can be permanent. Shoes which are too small can damage your feet; shoes which are too large could cause you to trip and injure yourself.

The tendency to buy dancewear and dance shoes that are a couple of sizes larger, to last longer, is a very bad idea. While a slightly larger fit is acceptable in the very tiny ages (since very young children grow into them fast), it can often mean that the student is not corrected properly or cannot dance as they should. On the other hand, once the child has outgrown the gear, it needs to be replaced. If in doubt, the teacher should be consulted to ensure that the child gets the most of their classes by being in the best gear appropriate to their size.