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Bouncing Back – Life after COVID-19

I have not written here in a while, the confines of trying to keep busy during the last one and a half years while locked inside having driven me crazy.

My COVID journey was long. Less than one week into the dreaded limited human contact (not a full lockdown but schools and offices and everything else, were closed on 17 March 2020), I fell of my bicycle and went into 6 weeks of using a steel brace and crutches as I was unable to get anyone to see my injury. Finally, an orthopaedic surgeon advised that if I wore the brace any longer I risked a thrombosis; and that I should do some gentle walking and swimming.

I’d already tried some swimming and gentle walking and this was all the impetus I needed. The ballet shop suffered because I was unable to climb 4 flights of stairs to the little outlet; but the online sales continued to the extent that people were still dancing. Not much of course – reduced or no classes at all, reduced salaries for some. It all adds up.

This year we are appearing to go back to the life we once knew, with classes carrying on – with masks, if you please, but carrying on. The performing arts get a new lease of life.

We still have some uniforms sourced from UK with pre-Brexit prices as they are on our shelves since before Brexit.  Other EU-sourced merchandise remains the same, of course.  We have increased our platforms to include Revolut besides PayPal; and BOV Mobile payments if you are in Malta. If you are present in our shop, our BOV Cards machine accepts all international and Maltese cards. You’re spoilt for choice.

We will always have some bargains on – just look up our bargains corner from time to time, our check out our website for any ongoing deals.

That’s it! Happy Shopping!

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