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COVID and the Arts

A year has passed since COVID has hit the island here in Malta. We followed suit after a number of countries did.

The arts were among the biggest sectors to suffer – dance not being the least.  We’ve not only had theatres close, but dance and other performing arts schools were closed, alongside ‘contact sports’. Recent articles have attempted to justify the lack of business sense, giving little recognition to the artists’ needs to express themselves.

So far, we have only had one ‘lockdown’ with a second all-round closure of almost everything. Performances are, however, still to an empty auditorium and dancers are having to adapt to this new reality.  Performance sand classes are still online and despite widespread vaccinations, many are still afraid to venture out into crowds or classes.  Not that they can be  blamed.

Schools are set to open on 10th May, for dance, alongside restaurants and some other outlets.

We have kept safe, delivered some online orders, and monitored on-goings.  We hope to continue to be of service to you all.  Luckily we have managed with our very small overheads, and will be happy to service your dancing needs again.  Remember to contact us for an appointment if you need to try on your dancewear (that’s if you are in Malta) – or even if you just have a query about anything on our site!

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