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Grooming and Discipline – at the Heart of Dance


When I was a little girl, I remember my first ballet mistress, Mrs Lilian Attard, telling me that a good chunk of the exam marks, in a ballet exam, was the grooming.  How you dressed, how your hair was groomed, the ribbons on your ballet shoes (yes, we had ribbons then)…

The proper presentation is what makes the dancer attractive, young or older. The fairy-like quality cannot be achieved if the dancer’s hair is all over the place, or the uniform is not worn properly.  Ill-fitting uniforms are also a problem – besides the lack of grooming, there is the problem that the dancer is either uncomfortable (and this comes out as bad posture), or else in pain (in the case of shoes or waistbands and leotard ends that are too tight).  Ill-fitting shoes can also  cause permanent damage to the feet, long-term.

Grooming is all-encompassing when it comes to presentation.  You need to look good for the show to look good – there are no two ways about it. If you look shabby, so will your behaviour on stage be a little bit shabby – or a lot.  That’s fine if you’re doing street dance, but not for classical or other styles.

Our shop features dancewear and shoes for all styles – whether you’re a groomed sort of ballet dancer or prefer the chillaxed style that comes with street and similar forms of dance.  Take your pick, or check out our bargains corner for things that might take your fancy!

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